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Calumba Root

Calumba Root

(Jateorhiza Palmata)

We At Private Stock Affiliates are helping to create and sustain a Relationship between Malawian Farmers and Traders to Help boost the local economy through access to markets for Calumba Root and create better livelihoods in low income house holds in Malawi.

We Invest in the local People and help them organically grow and sustainably source the highest quality products available locally

We are always looking to create new partnerships Locally and Internationally

7Days a week from 6AM-9PM

Calumba Root

Herbal Properties and uses

Helps Aid Digestion

Increases Bile

Expels Gas

Reduces Nausea

Releaves Diarrhea

Kills Germs

Helps increase appetite

Dries Secretions

Herbal bitter


Further Information on Our Calumba

Biological Activities And Clinical Research

Researchers in Japan conducted a study in 2002 with rats. They extracted a chemical from calumba root called columbin and fed it to rats in very low dosages. They reported that this compound was able to prevent colon cancer stating: “These results indicate chemopreventive ability of dietary columbin against chemically induced colon tumorigenesis when fed during the initiation phase, providing a scientific basis for chemopreventive ability of columbin against human colon cancer.”

Plant Chemicals

Calumba root contains 2-3% total alkaloids, chiefly protoberberines (palmatine, jatrorrhizine, columbamine), as well as furanoditerpenoid lactones which attribute to the very bitter taste of the root. Several of these alkaloids have a narcotic effect similar to morphine. Other chemical include: alkaloids, bisjatrorrhizine, chasmanthin, columbamine, columbin, columbin-2,3-epoxide, columbinyl-glucoside, cryptogenin, diosgenin, EO, isojateorinyl-glucoside, jateorine, jateorinyl-glucoside, jateorrhizine, mucilage, palmarin, palmatine, and starch.

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