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Ground Nuts

We At PSA want to help facilitate Trade of Ground Nuts (Peanuts) in Malawi to be able to boost the competitive advantage when finding a market and creating a sustainable relationship with Local Malawians ensuring they have a secured livelihood

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  • Varieties
  • CG7, ICGV-SM 90704 (Nsinjiro),
  • JL 24 (Kakoma),
  • IGC 12991 (Baka).
  • Chalimbana,
  • Chitembana,
  • Mawanga,
  • Manipintar
  • RG 1
  • Certification & Documentary Requirements
  • Customs bill of entry (Form 12) Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA)
  • CD 1 Form – controlled by Reserve Bank of Malawi
  • Commercial invoice – By exporter
  • SADC Certificate of Origin – MCCCI and MRA
  • Consignment note /airway bill – Transporter
  • Phyto-sanitary Certificate – Ministry of Agriculture
  • Export quality certificate – Malawi Bureau of standards
  • Import Permit – Relevant authority of importing country (TFDA)
  • Labelling Requirements
  • Common name of the product
  • Net contents –weight, volume,
  • Date of manufacturer ,expiry date or end of shelf life
  • Batch or lot number of product
  • Name address of manufacturer, distributor
  • Country of origin of the product
  • Packing Requirements
  • Sack  packaging
  • Description and method of measurements
  • Empty sacks made from flexible thermoplastic and film
  • Tariff Barriers
  • MFN 10% (total ad volarem tax)
  • Non-Tariff Barriers
  • Requirement of import application from Tanzania Food and Drug Authority
  • Multiple Border Agencies
  • Food inspection at port of entry
  • Weighbridges along the main transport corridors to control gross vehicle weight delay movement of goods
  • Preferential Arrangements
  • Preferential arrangements Malawi benefits from the world market
    1. SADC
    2. COMESA
    3. Everything but Arms
    4. AGOA
    5. WTO
    6. Malawi –China
    7. Malawi – India
    8. Malawi – Mozambique
    9. Malawi – Botswana
    10. Malawi – Zimbabwe
  • Malawi and Tanzania belong to SADC region and are signatories of SADC trade protocol.
  • Malawi and Tanzania belong to WTO
  • Voluntary Standards


  • Fair trade international – Hired labour
  • Rainforest Alliance
  • Farm sustainability Assessment
  • Uniliver Sustainable Agriculture Code


General Overview Of Ground Nuts (Peanuts) in Malawi

  • Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) is an important legume crop in the smallholder agriculture in Malawi , providing approximately 25% of the agricultural income.Groundnut is an important component of the national food supply.
  • Groundnut is an important component of the national food supply. It does not only have nutritional and dietary value, groundnut also provides cash to farmers; enrich the soil with nitrogen through biological nitrogen fixation; and its haulms can be used as fodder and fuel. Groundnut also forms an important component of both rural and urban diet through its provision of valuable protein, edible oil, fats, energy, minerals, and vitamins.
  • This crop is consumed as such or roasted (more than 32% of supply) or processed into oil (about 52% of supply). In livestock-farming communities, groundnut can be used as a source of livestock feed and increases livestock productivity as the groundnut haulm and seed cake are rich in digestible crude protein content
  • Groundnut in Malawi is grown for export, oil extraction and local use such as roasting and as an additive to vegetable dishes. They are important for smallholder agriculture and for the national diet in Malawi; they contribute significantly to dietary requirements in most parts of the country and provide more than 25% of all smallholder income
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