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Gemstones from the warm heart of Africa, Established in Malawi in 2019 for the main purpose to showcase the regions long hidden treasures to the rest of the world.



Beautiful Blue Gems

Aquamarine is a color that is a light bluish tint of green that is in-between cyan and spring green on the color wheel. It is named after the mineral aquamarine, a gemstone mainly found in granite rocks.


Radiant Purple Gems

Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz. The name comes from the Koine Greek amethystos


Dazzling Citrine Gems

Citrine is a quartz gemstone found in golden shades ranging from pale yellow to deep brownish orange. As one of the more affordable gems, citrine makes for a good choice if you want an eye-catching ring or pendant with a larger gemstone.


Exquisite Emerald Gems

Emerald is a gemstone and a variety of the mineral beryl colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium.


Gorgeous Garnet Gems

From the fiery orange of Mandarin Garnet to the rich Rose of Rhodolite Garnet and to the most widely recognized color of Pyrope Garnet, it is considered a great gift to symbolize friendship and trust.

Birthstone zodiac sign: Capricorn
Associated Month: January
Optical properties: Single refractive, often anomalous double refractive
Color: virtually all colors, blue very rare


Heavenly Heliodor Gems

Heliodor and Golden Beryl are the greenish-yellow to yellow varieties of Beryl.


Ruby Gemstones

A ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone, and a variety of the mineral corundum.


Sapphire Gemstones

Sapphire is a precious gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum that comes in a variety of colors


Spinel Gemstones

Spinel belongs to the cubic crystal system and its characteristic crystal shape is an octahedron, which looks like two back-to-back pyramids. Perfect for Jewelry


Tourmaline Gemstones

Tourmaline is a wonderful gemstone. It comes in almost every color in the rainbow and is one the brightest and most versatile gemstones available.

For Sourcing or Stones or any requests please Contact. Mr, A. Ferreira @ +265999952486

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